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Disposable gloves are single-use personal protective equipment. Gloves are abundant in the healthcare, foodservice industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, gloves have been employed as a public and personal health control measure against the spread of SARS-CoV-2. By cooperating with more than 10 reliable suppliers, Camshield can provide our clients high-quality nitrile gloves (including Cytotoxic Drug-Resistant nitrile gloves) and latex gloves (including sterile latex gloves) at competitive price.

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Product Features:

Nitrile Glove: Nitrile glove has a higher puncture resistance and better chemical resistance than any other glove. Cytotoxic Drug-Resistant nitrile glove has the resistance to the most aggressive chemotherapy drugs. However, nitrile glove is relatively more expensive.

Latex Glove: Latex glove is also widely used by hospitals and clinics and is cheaper than nitrile glove. The sterile Latex gloves can be used for surgical medical procedures and examinations.

Product Parameters:

Selected products (for more product models, please contact us):

medical device personal protective equipment glove8

Nitrile Glove Specification:
  Ambidextrous,non-sterile, latex-free Beaded cuff design reduces roll-down

Textured surfaces provide a confident and consistent grip

Maximum coverage and protection, for moderate to high exposure to fluids or chemicals

Material: Nitrile




Packing:100 pcs/box,10 boxes/ctn

Certificate: EN455/EN420/EN374/EN1186 Parts1234and MDD93 42/EEC (CE class)

medical device personal protective equipment glove7

Letax Glove Specification:
  Product specification:s (small), m (medium), L(large), XL (large)

Product length: 9 inches (about 230-240 mm)

Product weight: 6g / piece

Error:± 0.3g


Package:100 pieces / box

Certificate:CE,Test Report-SGS,EN 455

Application and After-Sales Service:

Nitrile gloves: Extensively used in such fields as electronics manufacturing services, repair, and maintenance services, food processing, medical aids, scientific research, and housekeeping services.

Latex gloves: Intended for a wide range of applications in medical services, automobile manufacturing, aircraft assembly, environment cleaning, and aerospace engineering.


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