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  • Insulin Pen &Insulin

    Product Features: Reusable insulin pen: after the refill is used up, replace the refill and…

  • Face Recognition Temperature Kiosk with Mask

    Product Features: AI800: Product design to follow the economic and practical, the design thought of…

  • Thermometer

    Product Features: The medical electronic thermometer is safe and non-toxic. It uses mercury and lead-free…

  • Plasma Extractor

    Product Features: TD3 Tabletop Low-Speed Centrifuge: 1. Microprocessor control, DC brushless motor for stable and…

  • Defibrillator

    Product Features: AED i3:Category IIb medical equipment according to 93/42/EEC Regulations Product Parameters: Selected products(for…

  • Oxygen Tank, Regulator & Mask

    Medical oxygen supplier is designed and produced according to the needs of the above personnel….

  • Ventilator

    Product Features: Noninvasive ventilator Invasive ventilator Differences between ventilators Low volume and simple panel High volume…

  • Oxygen Concentrator

    Product Features: Household oxygen generator: Because of low oxygen concentration, general household oxygen generators can…

  • Oximeter

    Product Features: Oximeter: It can monitor blood oxygen saturation and pulse parameters. Different from blood…

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