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Plasma Extractor

Medical centrifuge: in medical testing, a centrifuge is often used as an instrument and equipment for separating serum, plasma, precipitating protein, or checking urinary sediment. The suspended particles in the mixture can be precipitated quickly by centrifuge, so as to separate the components of various substances with different specific gravity. The structure of a low-speed centrifuge is simple, which is composed of a motor, centrifugal rotating head, governor, timer, centrifugal casing, and base.

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Product Features:

TD3 Tabletop Low-Speed Centrifuge:
1. Microprocessor control, DC brushless motor for
stable and low noise operation.
2. Parameters can be set freely during a run. Up and
Down key to set speed and time easily.
3. Countdown time showed by seconds if the
centrifugation time is less than 1min.
4. Self-diagnosis system can automatically detect the
faults of Overspeed and no speed signal, door lid
interlock to improve the safety performance.
5. Compact with great performance.
6. Special damping structure to reduce vibration and noise.

Product Parameters:

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Medical plasma centrifuge Specification:
medical device electronic equipment plasma extractor4 Max. Speed :4000rpm

Max. RCF :1980xg

Max. Capacity :8 x 15ml/12x10ml

Speed Accuracy :±30rpm

Time Setting Range :1min to 99min

Noise :<62dB(A)

Power Supply :AC220V±22V 50/60Hz 2A

Total Power :100W

Dimensions (W x D x H) :265x305x250mm

Package Size (W x D x H) :322x452x268mm

Net Weight :7kg

Certificate: ISO, CE

Application and After-Sales Service:

For separating particles suspended in solution; Separation of two immiscible liquids with different densities
After-sales service: 1-year warranty
After-sales: one year warranty
Capacity: 80,000,pcs/year


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