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The electronic thermometer is composed of a temperature sensor, liquid crystal display, button battery, special integrated circuit, and other electronic components. Compared with the traditional mercury glass thermometer, it has the advantages of convenient reading, short measurement time, high measurement accuracy, memory, and buzzer prompt. In particular, the electronic thermometer does not contain mercury and is harmless to the human body and the surrounding environment. It is especially suitable for families, hospitals, and other occasions.

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Product Features:

The medical electronic thermometer is safe and non-toxic. It uses mercury and lead-free materials. It is safe and pollution-free. It also has the characteristics of no odor and scratch resistance. It is very safe and durable; It is simple and easy to read. The digital liquid crystal display is used. The measured results are clear and easy to read. The elderly and children can understand it. There is no trouble that they can’t see mercury clearly anymore; The medical electronic thermometer has a voice prompt. If the temperature is too high, the medical electronic thermometer will issue a warning to prompt fever. It also has a memory function. You can see the last temperature. It is an intelligent thermometer; The sensor used in medical electronic thermometers is very advanced, stable, and accurate, and can quickly detect body temperature; The medical electronic thermometer will automatically shut down to avoid too much power loss.

Product Parameters:

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Digital Thermometer Specification:
medical device electronic equipment thermometer4 Measuring range:32-48 ℃

Measuring error:±0.2℃(32-35℃)、±0.1℃(35-39℃)、±0.2℃(39-42℃)

Measuring time:60s (Usually, 30 ~ 40s)

Memory:display previous measured value

Storage and transportation:Temperature :-25~55℃

Relative humidity:15%RH~85%RH

Atmospheric pressure:50KPa~106Kpa

Gift box (WxDxH in mm):134x67x15

Gross Weight (g):12.0

Certificate: ISO, CE

Application and After-Sales Service:

Scope of application: people who need to measure their body temperature
After-sales: 1 year warranty, replacement


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