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Syringe & Needle

Compare to the standard syringe and needle, the Safety syringe and safety needle can help the healthcare workers to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries and is in high demand during a covid-19 pandemic. For different types of safety syringes and safety needles, the built-in safety mechanism can be different. Camshield is able to provide a full range of standard/safety syringes and safety needles.

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Product Features:

Standard syringe and needle: We have various sizes of standard syringes and needles. For the syringe, the user can clearly observe the solution and bubbles with the transparent barrel. The syringe has the push button of the plunger with a skidproof structure that easy to grip and the inner cavity of the rear end of the barrel with the skidproof structure to prevent the plunger from accidentally sliding.
Safety needle: Our safety needle is detachable from the syringe. It has single-handed activation with a secure and visible lock and a permanently attached safety cape once activated.
Safety syringe with a retractable needle: the self-destructive performance of the syringe will begin to take effect as the injection starts. When the fixed-dose of vaccine is finished, the syringe will be completely self-locked, effectively preventing the reuse of the syringe and improving the safety of medical injection.

Product Parameters:



Standard syringe and needle Specification:
  Disposable Syringe, single blister packing, with latex-free gasket 100pce/box

1ml Straight mouth 25Gx1-1.5

1ml Straight mouth 23Gx1-1.5

5ml luer lock 23G x 1-1.5

1ml luer lock 25G x 1-1.5

1ml luer lock 23Gx1

3ml luer lock 25gx 1-1.5

3ml luer lock 23gx 1


Certificate: FDA 510K,ISO 13485,CE,DOC,Test report

Selected products (for more product models, please contact us):


Safety needle Specification:
  Disposable Syringe slip with Safety Needle,  blister packing, with latex-free gasket (LS barrel,Type plug,piston,needle)

1ml   23Gx1″/1.5

1ml 25Gx1″/1.5

3ml 25Gx1″

3ml 25Gx1.5″

3ml 23Gx1″

5ml 23G/25gx1/1.5″

Safety Syringe, luer lock

1ml 23Gx1″

1ml 25Gx1.5″

1ml 25Gx1″

3ml 23Gx1″

3ml 25Gx1″

5ML 23G/25Gx1/1.5″


Certificate: FDA 510K,ISO 13485,CE,DOC,Test report


Safety syringe with retractable needle: Specification:
  Safety Syringe, retractable needle


Certificate: FDA 510K,ISO 13485,CE,DOC,Test report

Application and After-Sales Service:

Standard syringe & needle: Suitable for intravenous, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injection of drugs or vaccines.

Safety syringe: Intended to prevent accidental needlestick injuries to healthcare workers and reduce the risk of being infected.

Safety syringe with a retractable needle: Suitable for vaccination in a fixed-dose to prevent reuse of syringes.



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